Be the change you want to see in the world


Rose Lokwang


Rose Lokwang a very passionate community advocate and stronger believer in community development and policy change. She is currently pursing her Doctorate in Health Care Administration. 

Akileo Huntington

Project manager

Akileo Huntington is Haula Project Manager. He takes care of all the projects initiated by Haula. Being one of the youngest board member, Akileo is a soccer athlete and he loves all kinds of sports and physical activities. 

By profession, Akileo is a trained and active National Guard US Army Cannon Crew Member Combatant. 

Joseph Nachungura

ASSt. Project Manager

Joseph Nachungura is a strong believer of community development and entrepreneurial mindset. He is an assistant to Akileo Huntington in the Project Management role. He is Assistant Nurse Caregiver by profession. 

Mark Narikan


Mark Narikan is Haula General Treasurer.  Mark is a youth advocate and also a very strong believer in sport and education. Mark is an accountant and economist by profession and he is currently working as a supervisor in Supply Chain Management.

William Lokonobei

Public Relations

William Lokonobei is a Community Coordinator and Public Relations officer. He is a banker or financial advisor by profession. 

Richard Lokure

Development Officer

Richard Lokure is a  Chief Development Officer to help the HAULA identify project opportunities and initiatives.  He is  Haula’s website administrator and an IT by profession.