Rose Lokwang

Haula president

A very passionate community advocate and stronger believer in community development and policy change. She is a mother, employed, and a student at the same time pursuing her Doctorate in Health Care Administration. 

Akileo Huntington

Project manager

Haula’s Project Manager. He takes care of all the projects initiated by Haula. Being one of the youngest board members, and a strong advocate for youth and education, Akileo every year run a chocolate bar sale campaign that enables him to get sports accessories and gear to many schools in BUDI county of the eastern equatorial state in South Sudan.  

By profession, Akileo is a trained and active National Guard US Army Cannon Crew Member Combatant. 

Joseph Nachungura

Public Relations

A strong believer in community development and having an entrepreneurial mindset that he would like to see the youth pursuing self-worth and success in their future endeavors. He is an Assistant Nurse Caregiver by profession. 

Akello Peter


Haula branch representative in the state of UTAH, Salt Lake City. Akello is a youth advocate and also a very strong believer in education and the wellbeing of the community health back home in South Sudan. She a mother and employed as a Health Care worker in Salt Lake City, Utah..

William Lokonobei

Chief Financial Officer

A strong community development advocate and an entrepreneur mindset. A strong supporter of community development and he is a banker or financial advisor by profession. 

Richard Lokure

Development Officer

Richard Lokure is a  Chief Development Officer to help the HAULA identify project opportunities and initiatives.  He is  Haula’s website administrator and an IT by profession. 

Clement loki

Program Coordinator

As a program coordinator in the state of Utah and in Salt Lake City, Clement is passionate about the community’s well-being and advocates for youth development in the state.

Alba Ben


A very strong supporter of the community and an IT by profession. Passionate about the well-being of everyone in the community and a strong advocate for peace and community building.