About Us

Welcome to Haula Website. “Haula” as the name of our organization was adopted from a significant meaning of an ancient community gathering place which was used to conduct community meetings, perform traditional and cultural ritual activities and for making decision on matters important to the community. Essentially, Haula is a parliament where individuals issues and community conflicts were resolved. Haula upto now is considered a sacred place and it continued to be respected and preserved for current and future generations.

Haula was initially formed for the sole purpose uniting all the Didinga and Laarim communities currently living in the United States of America and in Canada. The idea of unity turned into charitable desire to help our people back home in south Sudan. Haula was therefore got formed in 2016 by few members who believed in its cause. 

Majority of Haula members  fled Sudan’s civil war in 1983. The war lasted for over 20 years. Over two millions South Sudanese escaped to the neighboring countries such as, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. The war ended when peace agreement was signed in 2005 between South Sudan’s rebel group and northern Sudan. In 2011, south Sudanese demanded for a referendum and to separate as a new nation. South Sudan independence was attained on September 9th, 201.

Unfortunately, South Sudan plunged into internal conflict in 2013. This led to another massive displacement of south Sudan’s citizens to the neighboring the countries like, Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda. The conflict created the worst humanitarian crisis and many challenges to those who remained in the country.  This war went on until 2018 when the rivaling groups agreed to sign cessation of hostilities and peace agreement. Even though this peace has been signed and some relative calm has returned to in the country, still communities are experiencing major challenges. The current government has no capacity to deliver the needed services to the people of south Sudan. Important things like Education, Food, Healthcare, and good Roads are hugely unavailable. 

Because of these challenges faced in the country by everyone and including our people where we hailed from, we decided to turn Haula into a charitable organization so that we can offer a small help to our suffering people.  Our people in BUDI county are cut off from all sort of humanitarian supports. Haula strives to become that beacon of hope for the people of BUDI county. 

And because Haula was formed on the premise of kindness which was inspired by Sr. Luise Radlmeier who gave us education and facilitated our resettlement in Canada and USA (Photo here below, may she rest in peace),

we at Haula shall emulate her kindness and giving back to our people back home in South Sudan. He legacy shall lived in our hearts forever. 

If our story has inspired you, please support our organization by donating to some of our projects mentioned below. If you have any question or would like to know more about HAULA, go to our Contact Us page and send us a quick note or an email.


HAULA is a Non-Profit charitable organization, officially registered and operating within the charitable status of the Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 of the United State Federal Tax Code.

Haula was founded and formed in 2016 by the community members of Didinga and Laarim tribe of Eastern Equatoria state, Republic of South Sudan, and who are also the citizens of United States of America and Canada.

Haula’s area of operation and service delivery is in BUDI County, eastern Equatoria state, South Sudan. 

Haula Main Objectives

Support young boys and girls who are attending school by providing school supplies and sport accessories.

Embarks on a mission to support local medical clinic and dispensaries by supplying over-the-counter drugs for treating minor  diseases and dressing wounds.

Support local farmers by training and equipping them with modern farming skills to improve crops yield and production. 

Finally, Haula strive to preserve Didinga and Laarim culture and important traditions through language training and story telling to young boys and girls in USA and CANADA. Adults who don’t know how to read or write  will also be encouraged join the program.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enthusiastically pursue a community-focused  project initiatives that are engineered to enhance academic performance and to empower individuals to be self-sufficient for sustainable economic growth and a better future for themselves.

Our Vision

Haula envisioned a Didinga and Laarim society that is more educated, less hungry, peaceful and economically prosperous to all.

Our Values


We are transparent and accountable to our donors and community supporters of our organization.


We care deeply about our work and the people we serve. Through our compassion, we are able to create an impact which ultimately transform and change people’s life.


We promote a healthy teamwork environment. Everyone feels valued and respected for their contributions to the organization. We collaborate and work swiftly and efficiently.


We are an organization of volunteers. We believe in voluntarism and expecting nothing in return for our kindness. Volunteers are the driving force behind Haula’s success. 


We pride ourselves on what we have achieved so far for our organization. It’s about doing the work right, efficiently and on time. The goal here is to aim for that noticeable impact to the lives of the people we serve.

Our Projects
In order to sustain food supply and improve dietary needs of the people of BUDI county, Haula initiated the program to help local farmers improve their crop yield while discourage bad farming practices. This is done by introducing modern farming methods and providing better seeds that are resilient to climatic conditions through an expert who is more skilled and experience in modern farming. People of BUDI county are subsistence Farmers. Their major crops are: Maize/Corn, Sorghums, Millets, Sesame, Cassava, Sweet Potatoes, Bananas, Irish Potatoes and few variety of vegetables and fruits
To preserve and maintain the Didinga and Laarim culture and tradition to the growing population in foreign countries such as the US, Canada and other western countries like UK and Australia, Haula came up with a program to train Didinga and Laarim language for both children and adults who cannot read and write. This training will be offered through an online platform via Zoom and Youtube Channels.
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